From Kilimanjaro to the Serengeti Plains, Boma Africa wants to show you Tanzania. Providing all inclusive, expertly guided tours, Boma Africa will deliver the experience of a lifetime, while at the same time, offering a solution to the question of responsible tourism. Boma Africa is a Non-Profit Company; using its proceeds to uplift and benefit communities of Tanzania.

Let the adventure begin!

[Planning and communication] was really well done both prior to the trip and during. Food was delicious; exactly what we needed and was set up with enormous care and attention by the crew. Made a big difference and was greatly appreciated. The camps were also well kept, safe, and were well equipped- so nice and cozy. [Our guides], Alex, Praygod, and Kidori were exceptional and a wonderful part of the experience. Big smiles, great care and attention to what we wanted and liked. Well done! 9/10

Jojo, Canada, 2012

I stayed with Leesha and Lau and family on a 6 week trip through Tanzania. I’ve known Leesha for many years and it was wonderful to reunite with her in Mto Wa Mbu. They showed me around the village, introduced me to their community and I got to witness the passion and inspiration that lives in their entrepreneurial projects. I had such an incredible time in the village. The people are kind and welcoming, the scenery of the Rift Valley walls and Lake Mayanara stunning. I shared some art classes, visited the market regularly, enjoyed the local food and hit the dance floor for a little nightlife! I highly receommend connecting with Boma Africa. Mto Wa Mbu is the perfect place to set out for safari or take some time to relax and settle in and make some friends after travelling around. I hope to make it back one day!! Thank you for being such amazing hosts! xoxo


Keri-Lyn, Canada, 2018

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Nyerere National Park

In November of 2019 Tanzania got a new designation of National Park. A huge part of the the immense Selous Game Reserve was subdivided and named Nyerere National Park. This is now Tanzania’s biggest National Park; at 30,000 square kilometres, it’s over twice as big as the world famous Serengeti! The park is named after … Continue reading Nyerere National Park

Southern Circuit it is a new authentic route in Tanzania tourism destination. For its wilderness, crowdless from high biodiversity of the eastern arc mountain ranges of Udzungwa National Park, Kilwa kisiwani standing among the leading historical town and earliest trading towns on the East African coast, Selous Game Reserve the Africa’s largest and old west game reserve is one of its most scenic wildlife destinations; the Selous is utterly beautiful, Mikumi National Park and Kitulo National park locals refer as garden of God- whereas botanists have dubbed it is the Serengeti of flowers, host one of the great floral spectacles of the world.

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Boma artisanal soap coming to Canada! A fundraiser for Boma la Mama Birth Centre…

Boma la Mama Fundraiser! We are excited to announce that will be making a shipment of soap to Canada in July and want you to buy some! Soaps are only $5 (CND) per bar, and $3 will be donated to Boma la Mama Birth Centre! Soaps are handcrafted with natural ingredients in Tanzania, East Africa! … Continue reading Boma artisanal soap coming to Canada! A fundraiser for Boma la Mama Birth Centre…

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